Color Swatches: Crayola

color swatches, crayola

I have been watching a lot of art tutorials lately on YouTube and I have noticed that a lot of artists color swatch their supplies before starting their art projects. Instead of doing this for every art project I start, I decided to take some time and just make color swatch pages for all the supplies in my stash. I honestly did not realize that I had so many Crayola products until I started going through everything. Below are color swatches I created for the various Crayola products I have. 

color swatches, crayola colored pencils
colored pencils

color swatches, crayola supertips markers
supertips markers

color swatches, crayola twistable colored pencils
twistable colored pencils

color swatches, crayola twistable crayons
twistable crayons

color swatches, crayola washable watercolors
washable watercolors

Until next time, let inspiration find you!
A. Cornelia