Nature Inspired Recycled CD Art

nature inspired recycled CD art

When cleaning out my office this past week I came across a lot of old computer program and software CDs. Instead of throwing these CDs away, I decided that I would use them in some type of art project. 

If you would like to know how I created these simple, nature inspired pieces of art just keep reading.


Old CDs

Die-cuts or images of your liking

Scrapbook paper

Some type of spray adhesive or bonding glue 



Picture frame 



1) Using the backing of the picture frame as an outline, trace dimensions onto scrapbook paper and cut out.

2) Play around with the layout of CD and die-cut or image on scrapbook paper to determine placement for typed text. 

3) Using Microsoft word, I made the document size the size of the picture frame backing/scrapbook paper.

4) Type the text you want printed and align to the side that works best with your CD and die-cut or image placement.

5) Print text onto the scrapbook paper.

6) Take scrapbook paper and glue paper to frame backing (text side up of course).

7) Now glue CD (label side down) onto scrapbook paper in blank space next to text.

8) Remove finger prints from CD with cloth or paper towel and glue die-cut or image on top of CD. You can play around with the placement of the die-cut or image but make sure that it is on the CD and does not cover the text.

9) Place frame backing back into picture frame.

Voila! You have just created your every own one of a kind recycled CD art. Just repeat the above steps for the other pieces if you are creating a trio like mine.

Here are closeup images of the finished pieces:

bird CD art
Bird CD Art 

butterfly CD art
Butterfly CD Art 

dragonfly CD art
Dragonfly CD Art 

Keep in mind, that you do not have to print the text and that you can use your own handwriting to make these pieces even more unique. 

Until next time, let inspiration find you!
A. Cornelia