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in the studio

What do you do when you have a blank 16x20 canvas panel? You experiment with different mediums of course. 

mixed media 3D shape canvas panel
The above was created by using acrylic paints, magazine cutouts using a petal shape stencil, and scrapbook paper. 

I first painted the entire canvas panel with a sky blue acrylic paint. Once the layer was dry, I then dry brushed on a brown metallic acrylic paint and a gold metallic acrylic paint to add a little texture. Now I could have left the canvas panel alone after the metallic paints dried because I honestly did like how it looked but the entire purpose of this piece was to experiment. 

To add color, I skimmed through several magazines to find images that were bright, colorful, and eye-catching. Once I had these pages stacked up, I then used a paper stencil to make petal shapes on the pages and cut them out. 

The fun part was trying to arrange these shapes in such a way to show off both the background and paper petals but in a cohesive way. Once the petals were laid out and glued into place. I thought the piece needed something extra so I added square pieces of silver holographic scrapbook paper to the center of a few of the petals. 

I was going to add small clear rhinestones around the edges of all the petals but decided against it after taking a break from the piece and then coming back to it. Although, I might still add the rhinestones in the future if I ever get tired of looking at this piece the way it is now. 

Should I add the rhinestones or leave as is?

mixed media 3D shape canvas panel, close up
close up image so you can see all the different textures

Until next time, let inspiration find you!
A. Cornelia