Face Studies

face/profile studies
This year I have decided that I want to really practice portrait drawings. I feel as though my portraits tend to be on the cartoonish side as opposed to the realistic side. Who knows? Maybe that is just my portrait drawing style and I am in denial about it. 

To make this tasks enjoyable as well as to invoke some creativity I have decided to use old Inktober 31 Witches prompts for each portrait drawing. Wish me luck on this endeavor and hopefully when I am finished I will see some type of improvement. 

black pen face/profile studies

TOP (left to right): seasonal witch (spring), urban witch, vagabond/merchant witch    
BOTTOM (left to right): garden witch, socialite witch, oracle, seamstress/tailor witch

I have set the portraits up in a yearbook style and decided to go with smaller portraits as opposed to larger ones in order to really focus on the basics and not get too overwhelmed with details which tends to happen with larger drawings. Also, all portraits are drawn using a black BIC ballpoint pen so I don’t have to fuss about materials either.

Until next time, let inspiration find you!
A. Cornelia