Since quarantine I have been in the process of just decluttering every room, every closet, and every cabinet in my home. This process has now progressed to the completed artworks in my studio/office closet. In all honesty, these works have been in desperate need of sorting for quite some time. I have completed pieces on various sized canvases, canvas panels and even some wooden panels. My intention when going through these works was to remove the ones that no longer appealed to me (i.e. I would not currently hang them on a wall in my home) in order to make room for future artwork. 

It was nice to take the time to look through everything and see how over the years I have gone through various phases and stages. I went through a realism phase followed by a modern phase followed by an abstract phase. I went from using every color in the rainbow to pastels only to neutrals only. 

My style and techniques have definitely changed over the years (let us be honest here, the decades) and I have decided to give some of my old pieces which no longer speak to me to new homes in which I know they will once again be appreciated for what they truly are.  For the works that I have decided to keep (mostly out of sentimentality), I have properly stored them the way they should have been stored years ago only I had no clue what I was doing back then. Now it is time to make new art and continue discovering myself along the way. 

Until next time, let inspiration find you!

A. Cornelia