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poppies in love diamond painting
"Poppies in Love"

It took a total of 36 hours to complete this 12"x12" diamond painting canvas. I divided the canvas into 9 sections and worked 4 hours a day until finished. This was my first time working with square drills and at first I found it a bit difficult compared to using round drills but once I found a rhythm and started placing the drills in a staggered pattern everything just started to click, both figuratively and literally.

Here is a peek at the very first diamond painting I ever completed. 

abstract butterfly diamond painting
"Abstract Butterfly"

This beautiful 9"x9" abstract butterfly diamond painting which used round drills was a breeze to complete. 

If you are just getting into diamond painting I highly recommend it. It is super fun to do. I would definitely start with a small canvas size with round drills just to see if diamond painting is for you. The round drills also seem to be a bit bigger compared to the square ones. I know that if I had started with the 12"x12" canvas with the square drills first I probably would have been turned off from diamond painting personally. But having worked with the smaller canvas and round drills first I knew that diamond painting could be fun and that I could complete one easily. So the challenge was accepted for this "Poppies in Love" piece and I am so glad that I did not give up and toss it to the side because it is absolutely gorgeous in its frame on display in my studio/office now.

Until next time, let inspiration find you!

A. Cornelia