Recently Completed in the Studio

in the studio
I received this gorgeous antique flair metal terrarium as a gift from my mother for my birthday back in February. This terrarium features distressed metal trim and glass panels with a pyramid top. Beautiful! However, for the longest time it has remained displayed empty on my living room shelf until recently. 

I have always loved the look of terrariums and after a lot of back and forth I decided to make my own open terrarium garden with air plants. The most difficult part was trying to find the right materials to make the statement that I wanted. After a lot of arranging and rearranging I finally came up with an arrangement that I could not help but to love. 

air plant terrarium
I wanted a midwestern feel so I opted for neutral aquarium gravel as a base and brown twig decorative balls for the main decor. I also added a large rock I found outside and was intending to use for another project as well as a small brown terra cotta pot. Of course, we cannot forget the stars of the terrarium, the air plants: Tillandsia Caput Medusa, Tillandsia Ionantha and Tillandsia Xerographica.

air plant terrarium, close up of inside
close up of arrangement

Are you a fan of terrariums? If so, what type of terrarium have you created lately? 

Until next time, let inspiration find you!
A. Cornelia