DIY Updates

DIY updates

Since starting this blog I have created some DIY projects and today I would like to introduce a new annual series where I do a status update on all DIY projects from the previous year. I will be letting you know if they have held up nicely and if they have not the things that I would do differently if I were to create the project again. Let us get right into it. 

thumbtack art
This was a super cute project and I really loved the concept. This piece has been displayed on my bookcase since it was created. The thumbtacks have tarnished some so the piece now has more of an antique feel to it which I actually like but other than that, it seems to be holding up okay. 

duck tape storage box
This was an easy project and a year later after using these boxes, opening and closing them at least once a week if not more, they have not changed at all. There is no pulling up of the tape or any sticky residue. Keep in mind that these duck tape boxes are inside the home in my art supply closet so there is no direct heat or light landing on them. Sometimes the simple, functional projects are the best! 

nature inspired CD art
These are hanging in the garden shed. Nothing like having nature art surrounding you while out in nature repotting nature. How many times can I use the word “nature” in a sentence? I see these almost every day and I have got to say, I think I like these even more now than when I made them. Yes, they are simple but I guess I like that simplicity. They are holding up well, which probably is not too surprising, as the art is protected behind glass. I think they are likely to be around as long as I still love them or nothing happens to damage the glass. 

Until next time, let inspiration find you!
A. Cornelia